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flygande jacob recipe, chicken, bacon and peanut stew from sweden

Flygande jacob recipe, or translated 'flying jacob'. Swedish recipe with and exotic touch.

Serves four:

4 Chicken fillets (or one grilled chicken)
1 tbs Chili Sauce Ketchup
1 package of Bacon, sliced
3 dl Cream (1.2 cups), preferably double
1 cube of Stock, preferably chicken
2 dl (1 cup) sliced Leek
1 dl (1/2 cup) Peanuts
1 sliced Banana (can be excluded)
3 tsp yellow Curry Powder

Oil for frying

1. If necesary, rinse the chicken. Slice and fry together with the bacon and leek until it begins to crisp, add the cream.

2. Let the sauce simmer, season with curry powder, chili sauce and pepper, taste, and if needed, add salt or stock.

3. Finnish with adding the sliced banana if using, also sprinkle over the peanuts. Serve with rice.